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Amazing artworks by Tanja Labudovic

Amazing artworks by Tanja Labudovic

So I thought for myself, there should be a name for that thing some artistic craft have, they upload it in several pages and in all of them they get more likes than normal, they have something special, that something is “magic” certainly I’ve gotten that magic in a few of my art pieces, but not as much as her, and we are talking about no less than Tanja Labudovic. She is 26 years old, self taught artist from Croatia. Ever since her was young she has loved drawing and coloring.

She always had a vivid imagination and a desire to create, but seriously picked up her pencils in October 2014.

Since then, I’ve been discovering many types of media, but mainly used pencils, acrylics and oil. I find inspiration in beauty around me in everyday life

She has several awesome artworks but there has been one that has had some special success, it consists in the face of a woman ripping a makeup mask off her face, it makes you think about!
Without any more introductions, enjoy the images!








She has also been doing commissions, pencil portraits. You can see more and contact her here: @tanja_labudovic

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