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Promote Your Art on Instagram

Promote Your Art on Instagram


One of the most important tools of an artist is to promote his art, and Here you can get an instagram post to showcase your artwork to be known by our thousands of followers, bringing good results (New followers and maybe sales) for you.

After you make the payment, remember to send the image of your artwork(s) to: ronald.restituyo@gmail.com or to our kik: daily.art

About Spam your Last Post: We give you Like, and Comment to your last post with all our pages, then your art appears in all the “Search” of our followers, gaining more likes, comments and visits.

Note: If you get several posts, the pictures will be published one per day. And if you are an art sharing page or you want to promote something that is not art, the post only will be up for 2 hours or contact us to ronald.restituyo@gmail.com.


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